Space Coast Outdoor Activities provider promotion
David N. Rich • Laurilee Thompson
c/o Peak Performance Co.
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Titusville, FL 32780

Promoting the Outdoor Activities Providers
on Florida's Space Coast

In 1997 we got together to develop the web site that has helped make the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival one of the top wildlife festivals in America (

More recently, we have worked to create the web sites above to promote additional outdoor activities.

We did this to support the providers who work so passionately to raise awareness of the globally significant natural areas found on Florida's Space Coast.



In an effort to serve you more effectively, we are offering our advertisers the opportunity to provide a 25 word description of your services and products. This will appear when a viewer rolls their cursor over your ad button and/or link. Because it takes a second or three to appear on some browsers, we will put a notice to that effect on the top of the ad column.

In their present state, the websites have become a valuable resource, however we have only begun to tap their potential. Listing and linking all types of outdoor providers and our major recreational areas through an aggressive, integrated Internet marketing program will provide a synergy that can turn this area into one of the world's leading recreational destinations.

The links on the top right will take you to these websites.

Websites are always a work in progress. The most important information is online now and, on average, is being used by about 80 people every day. Surely some of them are seriously interested in what you have to offer. Keep in mind that folks who are interested in birding are likely to also be interested in paddling opportunities and so on.

For the past three years, we have provided a free listing for Space Coast businesses on all three websites. In order to take this marketing program to the next level, we need your support.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please complete this form and send it with your check, made out to Peak Performance Co., to the above address.

We appreciate your recommendations of other Space Coast outdoor activity providers, and will happily answer any questions you may have.

David N. Rich & Laurilee Thompson

The visitor breakdown for January - Mid-November, 2008 is: Birding: 15,873 (49/day); Paddling: 6,398 (20/day); Hiking: 3,185 (10/day). Most of these come looking for area specific information. We believe that there is great cross-interest in visitors to these sites. Outdoor activity providers participation in this program is enabling even more promotion of these and other sister sites as they are developed. If you aren't advertising with us yet, we hope you will join our effort now.