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Frequently Asked Questions

When does my year start?
Your billing year starts the first of the month following the first appearance of your Web Card live on the NBBD.
Example: if your web card goes live on March 12, your year will begin on April 1 and end on March 31 the following year.

Who can have a Web Card on the NBBD?
The territory of the NBBD is exclusively North Brevard and Christmas, Florida.
North Brevard is mainland Brevard County, just south of Route 528 to Volusia County line. It includes Christmas, FL.

1/2 year for $75.00.
The economy is tough right now, so I decided to provide a lower cost option
It can't be half price because of the work involved amortized over a shorter time - and the extra billing paperwork.

Is anything excluded?
The owner/webmaster will not accept requests from companies that deal with or associate with prurient, salacious, violent, prejudicial or disparaging materials or ideas.
This is a family oriented web site.

What kind of a graphic can I use?
Use your logo, a photograph, or clip art.
It will end up in JPEG or GIF format at 72dpi. The largest graphic will end up about 3-4 inches on the long side. A 6 inch by 2 inch (max) banner across the top is acceptable.
Be aware that information contained in a graphic is not picked up by the Search Engines.

How do I get the graphic to you.
Ideally as a digital attachment to an eMail. I can scan a photograph, letterhead, business card, or other graphic that you mail or bring to me.
Make sure it is the sharpest, cleanest image possible.

Why can't I make my own card and send it as a single graphic?
Because your web card's important information couldn't be indexed by my internal or by the WWW Search Engines. That makes it of little value to you.

Does my contact information count toward my 120 words?
No. The 120 words are in addition to the Contact Information.
Contact information is limited to the items on the application form.

How big will my Web Card be?
Most Web Cards will end up being about 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall.
The webmaster is open to other ideas that fit the spirit of a web card.

How will my Web Card be laid out?
That's up to you. You can see an example with several possibilities on the web site and the application form.
You are encouraged to sketch your requested layout on the back of your application form.

Will my Web Card be found on the Search Engines?
NBBD Web Cards have been consistently indexed by Google and Yahoo within two weeks. Because of its content, size, and dynamic updating, NBBD.com is frequently spidered by the search engines.
This is a powerful way to help your other web site be found by a link from your NBBD web card!
This is probably the very best thing you can do to improve your findability and ranking in the Search Engines!!!

How does a Web Card compare with a Web Page and a Web Site on the NBBD?
Your viewers will get basic information, but relatively few details, on your business. An NBBD Web Page contains 5 graphics and up to 500 words ($40 set-up, $30/3 mos.). A Web site is nearly unlimited contents, web pages and graphics ($40/pg. 1 set-up, $20/additional page, $60.00/3 mos.).*
A Web Card can grow into a Web Page or a Web Site on the NBBD. I can register, set up, host and market a domain if you wish.

How do you market my NBBD Web Card?
My years of experience, and your input, will help to make sure that your content and META tags are as effective as possible.
I can not do the kind of specific marketing research that I do for higher priced web pages, web sites, and domains.

Will my Web Card be listed on the main sub-directories of the NBBD?
Yes, where relevant. However, no graphics for webcard links.

Can I place a graphic ad on the right side of most non-business web sites?
Yes. It will link to your NBBD webcard. Click here for current costs.

If I want to pay by debit or credit card, do I have to join PayPal?
No. You can use your credit or debit card. You will be given the option to join as you process your credit card order.
PayPal is as safe as any payment method available. PayPal has over 100 million accounts now.

* Set-up charges depend upon complexity of the site and can be more.

Solution Graphics

What does NBBD stand for?
The North Brevard Business Directory was started in 1996 to provide information about the Titusville area. It is truly a community directory.
Is was inspired as a response to the common complaints that There is nothing to do in Titusville and You have to go out of town to shop.
AboutTitusville.com and VisitTitusville.com are gateways to NBBD.COM.

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