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Advertising on the NBBD

Put your advertising button on nearly all of the non-business NBBD community & information websites.

New Advertising opportunities are available as of July 1, 2016. Click here for information.
  • Local people look for details of attractions, services and events as well as businesses.
  • Outsiders come to the NBBD because of our detailed content on many subjects.
  • Your colorful ad button will be exposed to more than 35,000 people looking for things in North Brevard every month
  • NBBD.COM has been used an average of well over 80,000 times a month since February, 2003.
  • The NBBD is the most used community website in Brevard County.
  • Over 100 new "outside" links to your website may improve your standing in the Search Engines.

  • Ad buttons will run in a column on the right side in the same order on all non-business homepages.
  • The button will link directly to your NBBD.COM website.
  • Your ad button will be an industry standard 120px by 90px (approx 1.67" x 1.25"), GIF or JPEG format, 6K or less.
  • Your artist can provide it, or I can create it for $20.00.
  • There is a limit of 30 ad buttons available.
  • No animation
  • CLICK HERE for an example that opens in a new window. You may close the window after viewing and return here.

  • Ad buttons will run for a 3 month period.
  • Ads are placed in the order they are received.*
  • Your ad will reatain its position as long as it is paid, except*
  • Advertisers will be given a 10 day renewal notice.
  • Current price is $30.00 for three months.
  • *$60.00 guarantees a spot at the top of the page: Top 5 only, just under the hotels reservation ad.

  • Ad buttons are only available to those with a website presence on NBBD.COM.

  • Call 267-7367 to discuss your needs.

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