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Domain Registration Services

Step 1 - Selecting your domain name.

  1. Enter the domain you would like into your browser, and see if it is active.
    If it's online, you will see what the "competition" looks like.
    You can end with ".com", ".org", ".net", or ".info".
  2. Do a Who-Is Search for the domain. This will tell you if it is already registered.
  3. Phone Dave (321-267-7367) and have him make suggestions.

Domain Name Lookup - Who-Is
Enter a domain name ( and see its ownership and history.
Don't use the "www."
Domain Name:

You've found the domain you'd like to own and use, now ...

Step 2 - Provide the information to register your domain.

  1. To do this you will need to copy the following form and paste it into an eMail.
  2. Click here for a blank eMail addressed to
  3. Provide the answers.
  4. Send the eMail
  5. Phone Dave (321-267-7367) if you have any questions.
Select the material below this line to copy and paste.
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To: Peak Performance Co.
I request that you register my Domain as follows:

Domain Name Registrant
The owner. Often your Company name. Can be an indivudual.
City, State, ZIP:

Administrative Contact
Name (individual):
City, State, ZIP:
Your eMail address:

Technical Contact
This will be Peak Performance Co.

Billing Contact
Name (individual):
City, State, ZIP:
Your eMail address:

Please register me for _____ 1 year ($25.00)   _____ 2 years $40.00.

Follow up Services:

_____ Make this an active domain right away. See Hosting Services.

_____ Park this domain with a Welcome Page and eMail. See Hosting Services.

_____ Make this domain automatically POINT viewers to: (URL) ____________________. See Hosting Services.

_____ Transfer this domain to your Registration Service

_____ I'm registered with Peak Performance Co. This is a request to modify my existing domain.

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Copy and paste above this line

You can see the results in a few days by using the Who-Is Domain Name Lookup above.

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