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Producing Your Web Site


The time spent creating and coding your web site.

This varies a great deal.
We have produced WebSites for $40.00.
We have produced websites for $1000.00.

The $40.00 site was "grabbed" off of an existing site and set up. The $1000.00 site involved creating sophisticated (out of house) graphics, custom photography, many web pages, and a lot of work.

Most websites that we produce cost between $80.00 and $250.00.

You can save production costs by:

Here is a list of our fees.
Costs are reduced when you are efficient in getting the material to us and when we can do a lot of the work in one time frame.

Basic HomePage Preparation   $60.00
Extra Page Preparation   30.00
Running Page Adjustment   15.00
Picture/Graphic Scan   10.00
Picture Scan w/thumbnail   15.00
Misc. Graphic Work.   20.00
Photography   20.00 up
Sophisticated web authoring   40.00 - 100.00/hr

Also, see HOSTING costs.


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